Has arsonist Kerry killed Zak Dingle?!

A raging Kerry takes revenge on Cain, but unwittingly puts Zak's life in danger in Emmerdale!

Kerry and Cain have a bitter row when Cain refuses to let her have access to her grandson, Kyle, in Emmerdale.

The raging  mum is livid when he tells her she’s too untrustworthy and unreliable to spend time with the little tot. She storms off the the Woolpack to offload to Charity, who immediately spots an opportunity to stir up yet more trouble.

Sneaky Charity spikes Kerry’s drinks and as she gets increasingly worked up and drunk, Charity suggests she should go and trash Cain’s caravan where he’s been living.

Fired-up and sozzled, Kerry stomps off to the van where she goes one step further and sets it alight unaware Zak has been sleeping there. Eek! Is a trapped Zak about to go up in flames….