Emma's killer secret is in danger when Gabby Thomas returns from Australia and finds out the nurse has been terrorising her brother Arthur and stepmum Laurel


Emma’s about to have a new enemy gunning for her. And that’s Gabby Thomas who returns from Australia and learns, via her little brother Arthur, what’s been going on with her family and the killer nurse. With that, Gabby decides she’s going to take Emma down!

While Arthur worries about his sister’s safety, Gabby blithely sets about spooking Emma. After a few pranks here and there, the teen is pretty pleased with herself. But Emma, who started out hoping James – her partner who she secretly pushed to his death – was sending her signs from beyond the grave, soon realises she’s got someone on her case…

Will the killer mum work out Gabby is behind it all? And, if so, how will Emma react?