Jimmy reveals Rakesh’s burning secret in Emmerdale

A drunken Jimmy reveals it was the lawyer who committed the arson attack on The Mill....

Now the staff at the factory know about Nicola’s phobia in Emmerdale, the pranks are coming thick and fast but one particular joke goes too far and a furious Nicola starts slating Jai unaware he can hear her.

Jai’s livid about Nicola’s outburst and promptly fires her on the spot! Nicola tries to blackmail her boss into giving her her job back, but when he stands firm, she storms off home and takes out her anger on Jimmy.

Her long-suffering other half isn’t going to stick around to get an earful and heads off to the pub where he proceeds to get increasingly sloshed and in a moment of drunken indiscretion, starts blabbing to all and sundry that it was Rakesh who started the Mill fire that left Nicola semi-paralysed.

The shocked villagers encourage him to call the police and report the arsonist immediately, which drunk Jimmy duly does before consulting Nicola.

Soon the ball is rolling when the police suddenly show up at the factory to grill Rakesh, much to the shock of his family and colleagues.

How will slippery former lawyer Rakesh manage to get out of this? And will Priya continue to protect her criminal hubby?