Kidnap! Lachlan White and Gerry abduct Chrissie’s uncle Tim

Lachlan White kidnaps Tim, Chrissie's uncle, in revenge for him hurting Lawrence in Emmerdale

Lachlan White is gunning for Tim, the man who recently snuck into Home Farm, attacked Lawrence and left the OAP to choke on exhaust fumes in the garage.

Lawrence is unnerved when Lachlan tells him the situation with Tim is ‘under control’. Knowing his grandson has a dark streak (and isn’t afraid to act on it), Lawrence pales when he realises Lucky has got hold of Tim’s mobile phone…

Will Lawrence – who’s all geared up to tell Chrissie that Tim is her uncle and fill in the blanks about her past – work out that Lachlan and Gerry have got him tied up in an outbuilding on the estate?