Tell me the truth! Laurel confronts secret killer Emma

Laurel wants to know what's got into Emma, unaware the nurse is trying to stop terrified Arthur from exposing her dark secret

When Emma found out Arthur had seen a recording of her shocking conversation with his late dad, which saw the nurse meddle with the vicar’s memory of the day Emma pushed her husband James to his death, she knew she had to get shot of the evidence.

So far, she’s whipped Arthur into such a panic that he’s started wetting the bed, and now having struck a deal with the devil, the young lad is genuinely scared about what Emma will do if he tells his mum what’s been going on.

But Laurel’s not stupid and has started wondering why Emma has been acting so weirdly. When the mum confronts her, Emma feeds her a pack of lies. Will Arthur tell the truth about his torment when frustrated Laurel gets rid of Emma so she can question him, too?