Leyla finds out about Pete and Priya’s affair in Emmerdale!

Pete tells Emma about his fling with Priya which leads to Leyla finding out about the betrayal

It’s hectic in Emmerdale village this week. On the plus side, Dan finally reconnects with his homeless and estranged brother Daz, but trouble follows when Amelia finds her Uncle Daz’s knife.

Debbie gets in schtuck as she tries to close a deal with a client who wants to hire her posh car, which would be fine… had it not been stolen! Nell finds out she’s up the duff and Jai’s negative reaction to the news pushes him to make a huge gesture, and Tracy’s on at David about going on holiday.

The main trouble, however, is all to do Pete and Leyla. In the wake of their failed wedding day, it’s time for them to consciously uncouple their lives. Emma’s chuffed when her son moves back in, but has her head bitten off by Pete when she criticises Leyla. And there’s more drama to come…