Lisa rushed to hospital as Gabby’s latest prank on Daz goes wrong

Lisa drinks a spiked pint meant for Daz in Gabby's prank-gone-wrong

The Dingles are sent into a commotion when Lisa keels over in the Woolie. It’s not that she’s had a pint too many, it’s that she’s had the wrong pint. Poor Lisa ends up in hospital when Gabby and Liv play a prank on Daz, spiking his pint, but there’s a drinks mix-up… Vanessa’s dragged into the scary saga too as the drug, ketamine, was stolen from her work bag.

Robert’s concerned about Seb’s welfare as Rebecca’s mind is still jumbled. Pollard asks Faith to move in, and Joe finds out that the acid attack on Ross was meant for him… and that Debbie was behind it.