Marlon and Laurel KISS! Are they back on?

Marlon kisses his ex-wife Laurel when he drops round to check in on her after she gets upset visiting her husband Ashley...

Laurel returns home to Emmerdale in bits after visiting Ashley in care. Her husband, who has dementia, has forgotten her. Knowing Laurel was worried about seeing Ashley, Marlon drops in to see how she is. When the chef sees his ex-wife is distraught, a comforting hug and words of support leads to more as the pair lock lips!

But Sandy walks in on them and is not impressed by his daughter-in-law’s behaviour.

It’s not just Laurel who’s in a committed relationship though. Marlon has just asked his girfriend Carly to move in with him! Not wanting to keep secrets, Marlon confesses. Can he and Laurel convince Carly it was a mere moment of madness?