Troubled mum Moira tells Adam and Victoria to take her son Isaac!

Troubled mum continues her struggle with her unexpected newborn son and tell Adam and Victoria, who want to be parents, to raise the child

As Isaac’s christening looms, Moira’s just not feeling it. In fact, she’s not feeling anything apart from overwhelmed. Ever since Isaac came into the world, Moira, who had no idea she was even pregnant when he was born, has been totally blindsided by it all.

This week, Faith forces her to talk to Cain about their son and successfully orchestrates the split-up couple to agree that Adam and Victoria should be Isaac’s godparents. The decision brings no relief whatsoever to Moira, who can’t bear to be left alone with her baby.

On Isaac’s christening day, things turn super-dark for the troubled mum. In church, the congregation can’t fail to notice the farmer isn’t faring well and they’re given further cause from alarm when she later vanishes. Moira’s reappearance is just as worrying, however. Adam and Victoria are left gobsmacked when distraught Moira bursts in on their important meeting with an adoption agency worker and declares the couple should be made parents of her child…