Moira and James kiss in Emmerdale

How will Moira respond when James tells her he loves her?

Following her break-up with Cain, her recent HIV scare and all her trials and tribulations with Holly, not surprisingly, Moira’s at a very low ebb in Emmerdale.

Meanwhile James has been her shoulder to cry on, but this week the pair, who had an affair when Moira was married to James’s brother John, grow even closer and in an emotionally charged moment, while out in the countryside, end up kissing passionately!

Moira later regrets their actions but is floored when James tells her he loves her.

Where do the pair go from here and what will happen when James’s bunny-boiler other half, Emma, discovers a bra in the back of one the Barton cabs! Should Moira be very very scared?