Rakesh is kidnapped in Emmerdale!

Rakesh Kotecha is abducted after his renewed relationship with Priya goes public - but which of his enemies is behind the attack?

When Rakesh Kotecha and Priya make their renewed relationship public knowledge in Emmerdale there’s hell to pay.

Rakesh has got a fair few enemies and top of that are the Kings, who want revenge for the harm he caused Nicola when he set fire to the Mill.  After the news reaches the couple, they reel to hear that they’re planning to move abroad as Rakesh has been offered a job overseas.

Jimmy makes sure David knows about Rakesh’s arson attempt, knowing he’ll kick off. Sure enough, David’s angry and there’s no way he’s going let his ex, Priya, move away with their daughter Amba and Rakesh. But is the shopkeeper angry enough to attack the bent lawyer?

After being struck over the head, Rakesh comes to and finds himself bound to a chair. But who’s his captor? And will the bent lawyer make it out alive?