There’s danger for Rhona when rapist Pierce returns to the village

Shock showdown! What will Rhona do when her rapist husband Pierce unexpectedly returns to the village to menace her?

Rhona’s life has been a living hell since she was raped on her wedding day by new husband Pierce in Emmerdale.

Even though the village vet reported the crime to the police, she was too terrified to reveal the identity of her attacker after sinister solicitor Pierce threatened that nobody will believe her.

She sent Pierce packing, warning him she will report him to the police if he shows his face in the village again. However, the nightmare is far from over…

Worried about her strange behaviour and unaware of what really happened after the wedding, Rhona’s well-meaning ex Paddy tracks down Pierce and reports his worries that former addict is popping pills again. What happens next terrifies Rhona…