Rhona has a stalker – is it Pierce, or someone else?

A series of incidents leads Rhona to realise she has a stalker. Is the vet's abusive ex, Pierce, behind it all?

This week Rhona finally tells the villagers the truth about her wedding day rape in Emmerdale. Her revelation, which leaves the locals shocked, comes after she hears them all talking about Pierce, her ex, in high regard. Knowing the truth – that he’s an evil rapist – the vet flips and sets them straight.

Not long after her outburst, strange things start happening at Smithy, Rhona’s home. First, an eerie message appears in her bathroom mirror – and then she finds opened pill packets in her sitting room – and then the front door is open wide.

When Marlon and Paddy see her with the empty tablet strips, they wonder if recovering addict Rhona has relapsed and is taking painkillers again.

Can Rhona convince them otherwise? And, more importantly, who is behind the strange incidents at Smithy?