I Confess! Robert reveals his fling with Rebecca to Aaron

A guilty Robert can't bear to deceive Aaron and admits he slept with Rebecca while he was in prison....

Following Aaron’s release from jail, he and Robert return to Emmerdale ready for a fresh start in their new home. But while Aaron is delighted to be a free man, his husband is racked with guilt over his one night stand with Rebecca which resulted in her getting pregnant.

Despite his best attempt to bury the truth, with blackmailer Ross in the know and on his case, a tortured Robert knows he has no option but to confess all to Aaron before he hears the shock news from a different source.

As the reunited couple prepare to spend their first night alone together, it’s all too much for Robert who suddenly blurts out the truth… How will a shocked Aaron take the shattering news? And how can the couple move on from Robert’s terrible betrayal?