Robert snatches baby Seb but as the Whites give chase in their car, a horrific car crash ensues....

When Robert discovers the White family are planning to move to Australia and will be taking his son, baby Seb, to the other side of the world, he decides on a desperate course of action.

As Chrissie, Rebecca and co start packing their bags, ready to head to the airport, Robert enlists Victoria’s help and when the Whites are momentarily distracted, he snatches Seb and races towards his car. [Check out the latest Emmerdale storylines].

Realising what’s happened, the panicked Whites immediately give chase, however as the two vehicles speed through the lanes, driver Chrissie loses control and veers straight into the path of an oncoming lorry!

A terrible crash leaves the Whites fighting for their lives. Will any of them get out of the mangled wreckage alive and what has happened to Robert and Seb?

Elsewhere, Bob pulls out all the stops to win Brenda back and plans a surprise proposal but will Brenda be impressed?

Meanwhile Moira is shell-shocked when the police turn up and DS Benton breaks some devastating news. What has the copper told her?