Robert’s plotting has deadly consequences in Emmerdale

Robert's plot to finish Lawrence and his empire off, spirals out of control

Robert’s plan to ruin Lawrence is in full flow but this week, he’s rattled when Chrissie gets involved in the investment deal he’s plotting.

With Chrissie suddenly on board, Robert is aware his ploy to fleece Lawrence is in jeopardy and there are terrible consequences when he goes to desperate lengths to claw back control.

Elsewhere in Emmerdale, Vanessa is mortified following her night of passion with Charity in the Woolpack cellar. Is their fling about to become public knowledge?

Finally, Amelia brings danger to the village when she uploads pictures of Daz online and a woman called Rose turns up, pleased to have tracked down Daz’s whereabouts. What does Rose want and why is Amelia suddenly in danger?