Ross turns up at Home Farm armed with a gun and ready for revenge!

When Ross discovers that someone paid Simon money to keep quiet in court he's on the warpath and is armed and dangerous!

Ross is on the rampage and hungry for revenge when he discovers that drug-dealer Simon was paid by someone to keep his mouth shut in court.

Still smarting from the fact the acid attack case was dropped and justice hasn’t been served, the furious Barton is convinced that Joe Tate is caught up in the whole affair.

He storms off to Home Farm, armed with a gun and intent on getting the truth but as the two men come face to face, events spiral horrendously out of control and someone is caught in the crossfire.

Elsewhere Bob and Laurel are rattled when they see plumes of smoke coming from near the pirate ship and think Brenda has committed arson as payback for their affair. Did Brenda start the blaze or is there another guilty culprit?