Tracy is blackmailed by Phil – but will David save the day?

Tracy's forced to meet her blackmailer Phil in a hotel not realising her husband David is following her

Tracy’s ordeal with blackmailer Phil comes to a head in a hotel where he’s expecting the former prostitute to sleep with him. But as Tracy tries to turn the tables on nasty Phil, David arrives! Will her suspicious husband understand what is going on and save the day?

Aaron’s love triangle unravels after he invites Alex to move in with him. Robert is stung and heads out to a gay bar on a mission to meet a new man. But when Aaron turns up and sees Robert in action, he’s gutted and dumps Alex… Will he and Robert reunite?

Elsewhere, Sandy’s friends and family gather in the Woolie to say goodbye to the OAP who video calls from his new home in Australia. And Chas gets shock news on her birthday.