How dare you! The Whites find out Robert has double-crossed them… again!

Robert's evil scheming and 'seduction' of Lawrence is revealed to the stunned White family

A panic over Seb pushes stressed-out Rebecca to reveal a secret she’s been keeping from her family about Robert. Chrissie and Lawrence’s jaws drop when they’re informed he’s been double-crossing them – again. It’s the last thing they need at the moment as Lachlan is still missing but there’s more turmoil about to hit as the White girls later learn Robert has also seduced their dad! As it all kicks off at Home Farm, more bombshells fall…

Bernice has her hands full as her estranged daughter Dee Dee is home. The mum has no idea how long she plans to stay but with Bernice desperate to fool Dee Dee into believing she’s in the money how long can she keep up the charade?

Zak and Sam continue to wage war with the council who, this week, sends a surveyor round to measure up ahead of the Dingles’ home being bulldozed to make way for a road.

As the villagers gather to watch the Christmas lights being turned on, Charity has news for Debbie… Exes Leyla and Pete share a tender moment.