Will Emmerdale’s Leyla and Pete go ahead with their wedding?

It's Leyla and Pete's wedding day but there are serious last-minute doubts from both the bride and groom. Uh oh! Will one of them call the whole thing off?

As Leyla and Pete’s wedding day arrives neither are exactly filled with joy at the prospect of getting hitched.

Pete the Cheat feels terrible about his affair with Leyla’s best friend Priya and is battling to keep his guilt in check. Meanwhile Leyla has some serious pre-wedding jitters and begins to worry that she’s rushing into the whole thing.

On the morning of their Big Day, neither one of them seems convinced that they want to go through with it. Later on a torn Pete waits at the altar for his bride-to-be and becomes increasingly agitated when she seems to be taking her time. Meanwhile a stunning Leyla, all dressed in her finest, decides to delay walking down the aisle and instead holes herself up in the Ladies to give herself a last-minute pep talk.

The omen is not good! Are these two going to get their acts together and become man and wife or is guilt, doubt and a possible confession about to derail proceedings?……