Will Rebecca leave Chrissie for dead in Emmerdale?

Chrissie is left in a critical condition following a heated showdown with her sister! Will Rebecca take pity on her?

There’s fresh drama in the White household with sisters Chrissie and Rebecca at each other’s throats…quite literally… in Emmerdale.

Rebecca is devastated when she is blamed for losing her deceased mum’s precious ring and is made to feel even worse when her big sister blames her for Lachlan being kept inside a Young Offender’s Institute.

Meanwhile, Lawrence is irate to discover his youngest daughter has once again involved Robert in the family business. With her dad and sister both attacking her and piling the guilt at her door, Rebecca decides it’s time she packed her bags and left Home Farm.

However she’s disgusted when she makes a shock discovery and realises Chrissie has stitched her up. A  heated row ensues, but as the two sisters go head to head, there are terrible and unforeseen consequences!