Zak Dingle gets a decree – divorce Joanie now!

With Lisa and Zak Dingle having decided to give their marriage another go, Sam demands his 'selfish' dad gets a divorce from Joanie…

With Debbie back, the Dingles have got a lot on their plates right now, which is putting Lisa and Zak’s shaky new reunion under extra strain in Emmerdale.

Lisa, for one, is blowing hot and cold, worried that she’s making the wrong decision in taking back the very same man who broke her heart when he left her for another woman. Zak, meanwhile, is sure about what he’s doing. He loves Lisa and he wants to be back in the bosom of his family. But with Lisa hugging him one minute and pushing him away the next, he’s got no idea what is going on.

After Ronnie advises bewildered Zak to take it slow with Lisa and not to expect too much too soon, Zak’s then stunned when Lisa suggests they make their reunion public knowledge. With Joanie still in prison, but still very much Zak’s wife on paper, Sam points out to his dad that it’s time to bite the bullet and he demands ‘selfish’ Zak divorce Joanie ASAP.