Zak Dingle kisses Lisa in Emmerdale!

All churned up after a fight with Bailey in Emmerdale, Zak Dingle kisses his ex-wife Lisa…

With Belle back in the village, Lisa and Zak Dingle are on edge. The worried parents are desperately hoping their daughter – who has been living away from home while she received psychiatric treatment – is going to fare well back in the village.

So when suspicious Zak finds Bailey, Belle’s bloke, talking to Megan, he assumes the worst and lamps the doctor! He’s left shame-faced when Megan explains Bailey was helping her, and that nothing untoward is going on between them.

Lisa’s furious with her ex for causing such a scene. But when Zak later tells his ex-wife they need to pull together for Belle’s sake, he then leans in for a kiss! How will Lisa respond?