Blue: ‘Eurovision is not about politics’ (VIDEO)

Boyband Blue claim the Eurovision Song Contest is not about the politics, it’s about how good the songs are.

The four-piece band, who are representing the UK at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, said that although there is a perception that Britain isn’t popular in Europe, resulting in a lack of points, it’s actually just about the music and the quality of the songs.

Speaking at a press conference to promote their 2011 bid, Duncan said: “I believe if you have a great song and you perform well, it’s not about that (the politics).”

Simon added: “People just want to have fun for the night.

“Eurovision isn’t about the political side, it’s just about the music and what music does to bring people together.

Lee also spoke about how Blue’s style of music has changed and how their song, I Can, is ‘anthemic’.

Watch Blue speaking about Eurovision Song Contest politics and their song I Can:

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