Blue’s Duncan: We want to beat Andrew Lloyd Webber

As Blue gear up for the final of the Eurovision Song Contest in Dusseldorf on Saturday, May 14, the band’s Duncan James tells us how the nerves are holding up…

With just a few days until the Eurovision final, how are you feeling?

“We’re really excited. This has been the scariest, craziest few months of our lives ever. It’s taken up so much of our time and it’s going to be over in a three-minute performance. There will be 125 million people watching us so it’s definitely going to be nerve-racking because it’s such a massive event.”

What can we expect from Blue’s performance of the UK’s entry, I Can?

“We’ve been very hands-on throughout, from writing the track to staging it. There will be some big pyrotechnic moments to look out for on the night!”

Are you confident that your fans in Europe will vote on the night?

“People seem to like the song in Europe, we’ve done a lot of promotion in places like Latvia and Ukraine and I’d like to see 10 or 12 points from our army of fans in Italy!”

What would it mean to the band to win Eurovision for the UK?

“We just want to go out there, do our best, do our country proud and hopefully put the UK – and Blue – back on the map. We’d like to be in the top five – Andrew Lloyd Webber’s song was two years ago and we want to beat him!”

*The final of the Eurovision Song Contest is live on BBC1, with commentary from Graham Norton, on May 14.

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