Could Adele sing for Britain at next year’s Eurovision?

A Eurovision Song Contest chief has claimed the only way the UK can win is by entering pop superstar Adele.

Swedish TV producer Chris Bjorkman, who is heading this year’s contest in Stockholm, said the UK does not take it seriously and would have to enter a credible artist to do well.

He said in the Daily Express: “If Adele was on, you could win, absolutely, or someone in that style and that type of credibility.

“That’s what you need if you want to win.”

Bjorkman, who finished second last for Sweden in Eurovision 1992, also launched a scathing attack on Englebert Humperdinck, who is 80 tomorrow, who represented the UK in 2012, saying he was too old and just fell asleep on the night.

Despite his views on the UK’s Eurovision efforts, he did have some praise for this year’s offering Joe and Jake.

Joe and Jake are the UK entrants for Eurovision 2016


The former The Voice contestants are performing dance track You’re Not Alone in the show.

He said: “The boys this year are nice and the song is decent.

“They will get more votes than the UK did last time because this isn’t a badly made record.”

Eurovision 2016 Grand Final is on BBC1, Saturday, May 14, 8.00pm.

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