Electro Velvet’s Alex and Bianca: ‘We’ve had such a positive response to our Eurovision song!’ (VIDEO)

After Conchita’s Wurst’s stunning torch song Rise Like A Phoenix won Eurovision last year, many countries are trying to repeat her success by choosing power ballads this time around – but not the UK! Our entry is an up-tempo song, Still In Love With You, by Electro Velvet.

Both members of Electro Velvet – Bianca Nicholas and Alex Larke – told What’s On TV why they’re sure having an upbeat song, inspired by the 1930s swing era, is going to really stand out among all the slower ballads…

“The genre of the song is ‘electro swing’ which is really up and coming around Europe,” says Bianca. “It’s a mix of modern beats and old swing music. I’m really into retro music and fashion. When I heard the song it was so catchy and fun I thought, yeah, I want to sing that.

“It’s been a real confidence boost to go all around Europe promoting the song and have such a positive response to it.”

Alex adds: “There are such huge cheers for us and even coming back to the UK we did the London party on Sunday with people in Union Jack socks. Everyone’s behind us and it’s an amazing feeling.”

As per usual, expect plenty of outrageous choreography, costumes and gimmicks on show in Vienna in Saturday’s final which will see 27 countries perform. And Electro Velvet have something up their sleeve to wow the huge TV audience.

“We’re planning to stage something spectacular and fun,” says Alex. “Obviously there will be nerves because 195 million people are going to be watching, but it’s a case of channelling that energy into giving our best performance.”

Bianca adds: “If you weren’t nervous it would mean you didn’t care.”

The duo is also thrilled to be taking part in Eurovision’s 60th year and have met lots of Eurovision legends already, especially at BBC1’s recent 60th anniversary concert. “I even got a selfie there with Conchita and she told me how much she loved my hair,” says Bianca. “She said it was on point!”

*You can see Electro Velvet perform in the final of The Eurovision Song Contest, BBC1, from 8pm on Saturday May 23. Watch our video chat with them above…

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