Engelbert reveals extent of his ‘hellraising’ past

Engelbert Humperdinck said he never thought of splitting up with his wife despite her claim he had ‘more paternity suits than mattresses’.

The 76-year-old Eurovision hopeful, who has been married to former showjumper Patricia Healey since 1964 and has four children with her, said they’ve had their ‘ups and downs’.

He told the Radio Times: “My wife once said I’d had more paternity suits than mattresses. She was trying to hit back at me at the time, and rightly so.

“I had opportunities, but that’s all over. It’s a form of growing up. You think the grass is greener, or maybe one of your senses has been tampered with. But it rights itself.

“I wasn’t completely on the line, but we never thought of splitting up. It’s been worth it. My wife is a lovely lady who I adore. I’m very happily married.”

The singer, who is representing the UK this Saturday at the 57th Eurovision Song Contest in Baku, Azerbaijan, said he had been ‘a hellraiser’, but ‘it never got out of hand’.

He said: “I smoked grass once, at a friend’s bachelor party. I laughed and ate everything in sight, and a friend threw up, which really put me off.”