Eurovision’s Joe and Jake predict Ireland’s Nicky Byrne will do well: ‘There’s huge affection for Westlife’

The UK’s Eurovision duo Joe and Jake are grateful they don’t have to compete in this week’s semi-finals, but one singer they really hope will be joining them on stage in Saturday’s final is Westlife’s Nicky Byrne.

Nicky is representing Ireland this Thursday’s semi-final (BBC4, from 8pm) with his song Sunlight.

“We were on Nicky’s radio show, and we’ve met him at a couple of the pre-Eurovision parties. We all got on really well,” says Jake Shakeshaft. “He’s got to go through the semi-finals, but I think he’ll do well. He has a great song and there’s huge affection for Westlife all over Europe. It’s good for him, too, that viewers in the UK can vote in his Thursday semi-final.”

On Thursday, Nicky will be facing the likes of Israel, Belarus, Denmark and Australia for one of the 10 final spots left up for grabs.

“He’s got plenty of experience performing for massive audiences in stadiums,” Joe Woolford adds. “He’ll be in his element.”

You can watch Thursday’s Eurovision semi-final on BBC4, from 8pm. Watch Nicky perform Sunlight:


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