Gay ‘icon’ tag the wurst for Eurovision champion Conchita

Eurovision star Conchita Wurst has said she is ‘not comfortable’ with being seen as a gay ‘icon’.

The Rise Like A Phoenix singer, who won the competition last year, said she preferred to be herself.

“I’m not really comfortable (with it) if I’m honest, because I don’t see myself as an icon, I’m just representing myself in the first place,” the Austrian drag artist said.

Conchita won the Eurovision Song Contest last year (Yui Mok/PA)

Conchita won the Eurovision Song Contest last year (Yui Mok/PA)


Speaking at the Eurovision Greatest Hits concert at the Hammersmith Apollo in London, she said: “I mean, it’s an honour, but I think to become an icon or be a role model you need to put an effort in, you know what I mean? And it takes no effort to be myself.

“So I really will keep on speaking for my beliefs and fighting for what I think is right and if there are people to join me I would welcome them very warmly.”

Conchita added that she was impressed by Graham Norton’s new beard.

Graham Norton has a new beard (Dominic Lipinski/PA)

Graham Norton has a new beard (Dominic Lipinski/PA)


She said: “Actually, I’ve seen his beard on Instagram and I thought: Oh my God, he looks really handsome, and I hope he keeps it.”

Asked whether One Direction could ever replace Zayn Malik, who recently quit the band, she said: “I think you have to accept everyone’s decisions.

“They will keep on making their own music. I don’t know if they need a replacement.”

And asked about her experience singing at Pride London she said: “Pride in London was just overwhelming, there were so many people and the welcome was just overwhelming.

Conchita Wurst (Ronald Zak/AP)

Conchita Wurst (Ronald Zak/AP)


“I’ve been to many Prides in the last year and each and every event is outstandingly great. The same way was with London being there and meeting all the artists. I have good memories.

“Of course I will come back to London. I will be here, I will be around. The last year has been overwhelming and I really hope this will never end.”

Her advice to British contestants hoping to win the next Eurovision Song Contest was to be themselves and to be patient.

Eurovision: The Greatest Hits screens on BBC1 at 9pm on Good Friday.


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