Graham Norton backing Blue for Eurovision success

Graham Norton is firmly backing boyband Blue to do well in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest with their entry I Can.

The Irish television presenter will be hosting the UK coverage of Eurovision in Dusseldorf on May 14 and thinks that Blue stand a good chance of doing well this year.

He said: “I think we could do well. It’s a big boyband anthem. And this is the really good thing – Blue are known around Europe, people know who they are so it will look like we’re taking it seriously.

“And if it looks like we’re taking it seriously and if it looks like we take it seriously then the rest of Europe will take us seriously and we might do all right.”

But Graham is not so hopeful about Irish act Jedward and their chance of scoring ‘douze points’ at the competition with their song Lipstick.

Speaking about the X Factor rejects, Graham said: “”I just worry. Those two boys alone in Dusseldorf – I can’t see it going well.”

Watch Blue singing I Can live on the Graham Norton show:

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