Graham Norton has apparently revealed he is struggling to find love.

The 46-year-old BBC chat show host and Eurovision presenter lives alone with his two dogs and told The Daily Mirror he would like to be in relationship, but hasn’t met Mr Right.

Graham said: “Yes, I’m single at the moment – it’s the ‘at the moment’ which is the Glade air-freshener in the stench-drenched toilet of my lovelife – you never give up, do you?”

He added: “I might form a lifelong commitment with a Brazilian nurse on my deathbed.”

The TV presenter – whose chat show begins on BBC One on Monday night – feels fame might be getting in the way of him finding love.

He said: “On one level, being on the telly makes it easier to meet people, but no intelligent person would want to go out with someone off the telly. Because that would be a nightmare. So, that’s the Catch 22. I’d think they were an idiot for agreeing to go out with me.

“I’m a great one for looking at other people’s relationships and thinking, ‘I’m glad I’m not in that’

“In my life I know about two couples who I look at and think, ‘I could cope with that.’ I’d prefer to be miserable alone than miserable in a relationship.”