Wacky pop twins Jedward have revealed they have plans to crack the US following their recent Eurovision triumph and subsequent continental stardom.

However the 19-year-olds, who finished eighth at Eurovision with the song Lipstick and scored a hit all Europe, said they might have to consider some dental work first.

“We’re going to get, like, fake teeth or something. We’re going to get white veneers done to make ourselves look really Hollywood,” John said.

“We don’t need them, but we feel that when you have crooked teeth it makes you look younger and we don’t act like 19-year-olds, we act a lot younger.”

The pair – who sprang to fame on The X Factor in 2009 – added that they have sought inspiration from Mariah Carey in their bid for Stateside stardom.

“Recently we were at the airport in LA and we saw Mariah Carey,” Edward revealed.

“She goes to us, ‘Say hello to Louis for me’, and she got the little people carrier and she only travelled like a 100 metres on it. Love the diva!”

John added, “Last year we did the NTAs; this year we’ve done Eurovision. Last year, we had a cover album; this year we have our own album. Everything’s like a step up. We’re getting bigger and better.”