Jedward: ‘We’re gonna own Eurovision!’

X Factor finalists Jedward will be representing Ireland in the second semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest with their song, Lipstick. You have been warned…

What does it mean to you to represent Ireland at the Eurovision Song Contest?

John: “Singing for Ireland is a really big deal for us because we’ve wanted to represent our country since we were at school. It’s great to get the opportunity after X Factor to represent Ireland.”

What makes Lipstick the perfect song for Eurovision?

Edward: “There’s no other song out there like it. It’s a new sound, it’s got a really funky beat and it’s good to dance to. I think the other countries competing are getting scared because they know our song’s a really good song.”

What can you tell us about your semi-final performance?

John: “The song has a lot of attitude, so we won’t just be standing there singing it, we’ve got to get into the zone. We’ll be running around a lot backstage, but when it finally happens we’ll be like: ‘Let’s make this amazing’. We don’t want to be nervous, we just want to enjoy it. We’re gonna own the show!”

Are you disappointed that the UK won’t be able to vote in your semi-final?

Edward: “We think our fans in different countries will vote for us. There’s a lot of depressing music around at the moment, and our song will lift the whole competition to a new level.”

What would it mean to you to make it to the final?

John: “Right now, it’s all about getting to the semi-final. But if we do get through to the final, we’ll definitely make our routine bigger. Everyone will remember our performance!”

*Watch Jedward in the second semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest on Thursday May 12 at 8pm on BBC3

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