From the ‘bizarre’ file, Sir Cliff Richard says he was ‘robbed’ following claims that General Franco’s fascist regime rigged the 1968 Eurovision Song contest.

Congratulations was beaten to the top spot by Spanish entrant Massiel.

Sir Cliff’s song had been a favourite with the judges during the competition held at the Royal Albert Hall, but lost out on the title by just one point following a last minute rally in votes for Spain.

In a documentary which aired on Spanish TV this week, director Montse Fernandez Vila claimed Spain’s win was ‘bought’ by corrupt executives working for State-run television.

Sir Cliff said he found it hard to take the matter seriously, but it would be ‘wonderful’ if he had really won.

He told Channel Four News: “When I came off stage that night I thought to myself – I was robbed!

“But I had no idea this was going to happen 40 years later!

“But it’s great fun I must admit, they couldn’t have chosen a better year to start digging up things.

“What intrigues me though is that it does say in the article that somebody has evidence – well, I’m finding it hard to take the whole thing seriously but if they do find that I won, that would be wonderful.”

The singer continued: “We never thought about politics, though that’s always run in the competition, but it just seemed bad luck on my part that I had a couple of countries that gave me no points at all.”