Sir Terry Wogan said he is living a ‘student’ lifestyle – lying in bed watching TV until the afternoon.

The former Radio 2 Breakfast Show host, who has handed over to Chris Evans, said he is making the most of his freedom in the mornings.

The former Eurovision commentator told Absolute Radio: “At the moment we sit there in bed and watch sport – it’s terrific because we can be there till one in the afternoon.”

The presenter, who called Absolute host Christian O’Connell as part of an on-air competition, added: “Well, I never was a student so I’m making the most of it now – a little too late.”

Another BBC host, John Humphrys, also called the show for the Who’s Calling Christian? contest ,in which celebrities phone the station in a bid to win £20,000 for charity.

The Radio 4 Today programme presenter joked: “Listen, don’t tell the BBC I’m calling, I’ll get the sack. I was given the straight choice of talking to you or my modest 6.5 million audience. The Prime Minister, David Cameron and the Queen wanted me to interview them, but I said ‘Nope, I know where my priorities lie’.”