Terry Wogan is planning to hit our screens with a new chatshow – if Paul O’Grady leaves Channel 4.

The DJ and presenter recently announced that he was retiring from his Radio 2 slot and would be replaced by Chris Evans.

But now friends have told The Sun that the ex Eurovision presenter has his eyes on the 5pm chatshow on Channel Four.

They said: “Terry may have retired from his early morning radio show but he is still full of beans and bursting to do other things.

“He loved doing his chatshow and has always said he’d happily do it again.”

Terry already works for Channel Four, hosting quiz show Perfect Recall in the same slot on Channel 4 when Paul O’Grady’s show isn’t on.

The source added: “Everyone expects Paul O’Grady to leave Channel 4 when his contract finishes at the end of the year so that 5pm slot will be going begging.”