A Liberal Democrat MP has tabled a Parliamentary motion seeking a change in the Eurovision voting system.

Richard Younger-Ross said the system was ‘harmful to the relationship between the peoples of Europe’ as it had become increasingly obvious countries were voting for their neighbours rather than the best songs.

The BBC should insist on voting changes or withdraw from the contest altogether, he added.

Serbia won Saturday’s contest, while the UK was second from bottom, only receiving votes from Ireland and Malta.

Similar criticism has surfaced in Germany. BBC Online reports that tabloid newspaper Bild has questioned why Western European countries should pay the most for a competition they seemed to have no chance of winning.

It quoted singer Nicole, Germany’s sole Eurovision winner, as saying: “It is obvious that Eastern European countries engage in dirty trade with points every year.

“Germany should withdraw from the competition.”

Younger-Ross has tabled a Commons early day motion, which has been backed by fellow Liberal Democrat Colin Breed plus Labour MPs John Robertson and David Drew.

On Monday, Malta called for phone votes in certain countries to be scrapped until they could be monitored more closely.