Wogan: ‘Graham was excellent as Eurovision host’

Sir Terry Wogan has given the thumbs-up to his Eurovision Song Contest successor Graham Norton and described this year’s show as flawless.

Fellow Irishman Graham took over commentating duties for this year’s show held in Moscow in May, which saw the UK come fifth, reversing the country’s recent poor record.

Sir Terry told the Radio Times he was able to sit down and watch the programme for the first time in 35 years “and I thought it was wonderful. A spectacular show without a flaw in it”.

Sir Terry stepped down from hosting the BBC coverage of the event after growing tired of countries bloc voting.

He told the magazine: “Contrary to what is often believed I love Eurovision, or I couldn’t have presented it for as long as I did.

“This year they sorted the voting out, and I thought Graham Norton was excellent.

“People have said his approach was rather like mine, and all I can say is I take that as a compliment!”

Speaking about what else he watches on television, Sir Terry said that ‘very little high-quality TV drama is made at all anymore’.

Despite fronting a new quiz show called Wogan’s Perfect Recall on Channel 4, he also said he did not really enjoy watching quiz shows much generally, with the exceptions of Eggheads and Weakest Link.