Mary Elizabeth Winstead wakes after a car crash to find herself trapped in a bunker with John Goodman’s gloomy survivalist. He declares he has rescued her from an apocalyptic calamity that has rendered the outside world uninhabitable. But are the real perils outside or inside?

It’s best not to give too much away about this grippingly twisty mystery thriller. Suffice to say that first-time feature director Dan Trachetenberg beautifully executes the claustrophobic drama that ensues, steadily raising the tension as the mood inside the bunker slides back and forth between black comedy and white-knuckle scares.

The performances are terrific, too. Goodman’s patriarchal conspiracy theorist is simultaneously sinister and pitiful, creepy and absurd, John Gallagher Jr’s good-old-boy, the bunker’s third occupant, does useful third-wheel service and Winstead makes a credibly gutsy and sympathetic survivor.