Shown over four nights, 15 Days is a chilling family drama starring Catherine Tyldesley

15 Days kicks off with the crack of a gunshot and a brutal murder.

What makes it different to other crime series is that there’s no follow-up police investigation.

Instead, the action jumps back 15 days as four estranged siblings reunite to scatter their mother’s ashes… and there begins the nail-biting countdown to the crime.

The truth is, with the siblings all grappling over the will and bitter tensions rising, all of them have a motive!

Corrie’s Catherine Tyldesley plays middle sister Sara, and explained the set-up to TV Times:

“It’s based around this family who have come back together because their mother has passed away and they are all eager to see what is happening with the will.

“My character Sara had a close relationship with her father, who died five years earlier, and she believes she may well inherit the family farm now her mum has passed away, too.

15 Days

Joy (Kezrena James) and Rhys (Tom Rhys Harries) have their eyes on the will

“It’s of great sentimental value to her, whereas with some of the other family members, it’s just about the money.”

David Caves (Silent Witness) also stars.


TV Times rating: ***