Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum’s mismatched cop buddies are back for a sequel to their rude and raucous action comedy spoof.

And it’s everything you would expect. First time out, they went undercover posing as students in high school; this time they go to college.

The mission is identical: find the source of a lethal new drug. ‘Do the same thing as last time,’ orders their police chief (Nick Offerman), in the tones of a Hollywood boss commissioning a movie follow-up. ‘Everyone’s happy.’

Once again the self-referential, self-mocking gags fly thicker and faster than the bullets; once again it’s Hill’s podgy nerd rather than Tatum’s hunky jock who gets the girl and, once again, the story barely hangs together.

Flimsy stuff, for sure, but the stars’ easygoing chemistry and sharp comic timing keep the laughs coming. Be certain to stay for the breezy credits, which run through a string of dizzyingly silly potential future sequels for the pair.