Angus wants to stay with Karl and Susan

Angus chooses between his mum and the Kennedys

Angus and Susan are getting along like a house on fire and she encourages him to think about university courses. Suddenly, Sarah returns determined to make things up to her son. But when she offers to take him back to Germany with her, Angus makes it clear he would rather stay with Karl and Susan.

Toadie convinces Sonya that they should call the police when they discover Walter has snatched Nell and Zoe. But eventually Walter returns – alone – and explains that Zoe figured out what he was trying to do and fled with her niece. When Zoe turns up with Nell a relieved Sonya decides not to press charges. Later, Sonya learns Callum is a match for Zoe after all, but when Walter and Zoe leave together, Toadie and Sonya are left at odds.

Piper takes Madison to all the hotspots in Erinsborough and when they head to the garage, she clocks the attraction between Tyler and Piper and decides to encourage their relationship.