Can Ricky forgive Nate?

Nate tries to apologise to Ricky

Ricky arrives at the hospital and blasts Nate for missing their therapy session. Nate tries to explain that he had a work emergency, but Ricky isn’t listening. Tori encourages Nate to makes amends and he arrives home with flowers, but there is still tension in the air.

It’s Maddy and Matt last day in The Bay and its clear that Matt is having doubts, especially when Maddy tells Josh and Evelyn that she is considering not coming back. Later, Tanya arrives at Matt and Maddy’s leaving party and apologises to Roo.

Matt says goodbye to Josh and Ash tells him that he would have made a good mechanic. Matt admits he’s devastated about leaving his job, but he’s unaware that Maddy is listening. The next day Matt is left devastated when he finds a note from Maddy, explaining she leaving without him…

Phoebe is the happiest girl in Summer Bay until Dom’s ex-wife, Tess, shows up. Things get worse for Phoebe when Dom introduces the pair and calls Phoebe his friend….