Chris Hemsworth stars as the hot-tempered Norse thunder god. In the realm of Asgard, he’s stirring up trouble with age-old enemies, the Frost Giants, which ends with his stern father, Anthony Hopkins’ one-eyed ruler of the gods, Odin, banishing him to Earth. Landing with a thump in New Mexico, Thor’s discovered by Natalie Portman’s storm-chasing scientist and there’s some cheeky fish-out-of-water comedy as he comes to terms with his new surroundings and mortal form. The men in suits from spy agency SHIELD are not amused, but Thor is more than a match for them, but, back in Asgard, he has a far more formidable foe in the shape of his troublesome brother, Loki (Tom Hiddleston). Comic-book fans will lap up the muscular heroics, bruising battles and cameos by other members of the Marvel Comics universe, though Kenneth Branagh’s fantasy is all style but very little substance.