A slick 21st-century Hollywood reboot of the darkly comic 1987 sci-fi thriller about a crime-fighting cyborg. This tinkers with the hero’s iconic suit and tones down the ultra-violence, but enough remains of the first film’s subversive wit and explosive action to make this remake worthwhile. The computer-generated effects come thick and fast yet never overwhelm the performances, although Joel Kinnaman, who plays the grievously injured Detroit cop who ends up encased in the metal suit, is initially rather bland and uncharismatic. He comes into his own, though, when his stricken character has to wrestle with his new identity as both man and machine, and he gets strong support from Michael Keaton’s suavely villainous corporate boss, Gary Oldman’s conscience-stricken inventor and Samuel L Jackson’s delightfully slimy television host, whose appalling propaganda speeches land the film’s most telling satirical blows.