The Musketeers

A trap sprung by early feminists? It could only happen to the Musketeers...

Athos is battered and bruised, and our heroes have had enough: Grimaud must be stopped! Riding off into the forest, looking for their man, the foursome appear unstoppable, but it’s not long before Porthos and D’Artagnan fall into a dangerous trap, set by a colony of early feminists hiding away in a secret village.

Their encounters with soldiers have left them bitter, and even Aramis can’t charm them. But the Musketeers need a place to stay – and Athos suspects the women’s leader Juliette (played by Fiona O’Shaughnessy, who also pops up in The Living and the Dead on Tuesday) might know more about Grimaud than she’s letting on… Watch out for Meera Syal in there, too!