Mike Myers sends up 1960s spy movies in this rib-tickling spoof. The film starts at the height of the Swinging Sixties with Austin taking on Dr Evil (Myers again), but when he escapes Austin is cryogenically frozen and thawed out 30 years later when Dr Evil threatens world destruction. The fact that Austin still has all of his ‘groovy’ ideas intact means that a huge amount of the humour is at his hilariously out-of-place expense – and Myers milks the idea for all it’s worth. Many of the ruder gags are funny precisely because they’re so obvious, but there’s also some very sophisticated spoofing going on and the pop art look of the film, especially in the ace closing fashion shoot sequence, is spot on. Elizabeth Hurley has the role of her career as Austin’s glamorous sidekick, Miss Kensington. Robert Wagner’s villain Number Two and a supporting heavy called Random Task (think about it) provide chucklesome support and Burt Bacharach has a classic cameo.