Ten years after their last screen outing, Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones return as the  slickly dressed Men in Black agents.

It’s an ingenious second sequel as Smith’s wisecracking agent J is sent back in time to 1969 by new boss O (Emma Thompson, briskly stepping into Rip Torn’s shoes) to prevent bad-ass alien Boris the Animal (Jemaine Clement) from killing the young K and thereby dooming the human race.

Reaching 1969 via a stomach-lurching time jump from the top of New York’s Chrysler building, J encounters the youthful K, brilliantly played by Josh Brolin as a not-so craggy, not-so cranky version of Jones’ sourpuss.

From here, it’s a race against time to thwart Boris, with all concerned hurtling towards a date with destiny at the July 15th Cape Canaveral launch of Moon-bound Apollo 11.

Once again, though, it’s not so much the plot that sustains our interest as the bickering byplay between the chalk-and-cheese agents and the constant stream of visual jokes.