Michael Douglas rallies his childhood friends for his Las Vegas stag party.

He’s about to marry his much younger girlfriend and invites Morgan Freeman, Robert De Niro and Kevin Kline to help him celebrate but, six decades on from their Brooklyn boyhood, the ‘Flatbush Four’ are no longer the lads they once were and it’s not only their joints that are creaking – so is their friendship.

Twice-divorced former Air Force officer Freeman has just suffered a minor stroke, bored Florida retiree Kline has been given a ‘free pass’ by his wife to be unfaithful during the trip and grieving widower De Niro still hasn’t forgiven Douglas for failing to attend his wife’s funeral.

Still, the quartet prove they still have plenty of spring in their step when they get to Vegas, taking over rapper 50 Cent’s hotel penthouse, posing as mobsters, judging a swimsuit competition and flirting with lounge singer Mary Steenburgen.

The jokes are mostly predictable and the film is a bit tacky in places, but the good-humoured hi-jinks are hard to dislike and the hugely entertaining stars bring an unexpectedly touching undertow to their characters’ bickering and bantering.